How To Stay In A Decent Cheap Hotel In Tokyo

From wish list to experience - includes my recommended Tokyo hotel


Isn't Japan Prohibitively expensive? Is there such a thing as a decent cheap hotel in Tokyo?

One of the most common, recurring myths about Japan is that it is prohibitively expensive.

Whilst it’s true that travelling in Japan isn’t likely to be the cheapest trip you’ll ever embark upon, it’s also true that it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Take accommodation as an example.

What do you think it would cost for two adults to stay in a good hotel in Japan for one night? How hard is it to find a decent cheap hotel in Toyko?

The answers may pleasantly surprise you.

Find out the answers to these questions and a whole lot more in my guide How To Stay In A Decent Cheap Hotel In Japan...

This 13-page guide includes:

  • Isn't Japan prohibitively expensive?
  • An ideal hotel room wish list
  • The mini-apartment hotel room
  • An apartment hotel room in Tokyo for 14,000 yen per night
  • My recommended hotel in Gotanda (Tokyo)
  • The breakfast experience
  • + Links to the best Tokyo hotel deals


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“I can’t believe the good value of this hotel! On my first visit to Tokyo, I paid about the same per night for a very small (although very clean) room which didn't even have a wardrobe.

I had to keep my clothes in the suitcase on the floor. A washing machine would have been a huge advantage.

Many thanks to The Real Japan for the tip-off!”

- Deb Alton, Subscriber

“Thank you for such an honest, straightforward review of the Tokyo hotel! I will definitely consider your suggestion in Gotanda.

Thank you so much for such great content to help foreigners that are travelling to Japan!”

- Regina Rianelli, Subscriber

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